Ashby Parva
Coronavirus News



Following on from our previous note regarding Coronavirus support in our village, we are pleased to say we have had a good response so far, and for those who have volunteered their support, we thank you. However, there may be some logistical issues we have to resolve. The government has announced its intention soon to ask the over 70s to self isolate for up to four months. If this is the case, we may have problems.

So, in the first phase, can we suggest that those of you in our village who are over 70 and have NO family support register your name and contact details with either Tim ( or myself (

If you know of anybody in the village in this category who is not on, or has no access to, e-mails to keep themselves informed, and if they fall into the above category, please give them the relevant details and notify us.

We have taken this prioritising approach for two reasons:

1. We need to try and minimise the burden on our volunteers, as this pandemic may drag on for some time.

2. Potentially, supermarkets may start rationing essential items, and our volunteers may even find it difficult to provide for themselves and their families.

At the appropriate time we will post details of the contact points for help.

With all good wishes for your personal safety and good health

Tim & Byron