Ashby Parva
Coronavirus News


I might suggest that there is a little confusion regarding a text message received from UK Government.

It reads...

 "CORONAVIRUS ALERT New rules in force now: you must stay at home. More info & exemptions at Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives”.

Everyone in the UK has received this text if you have a mobile phone. It means that you should follow Government instructions and can at the moment still make essential journeys for food, medical issues such as prescription collection etc., and one episode of exercise per day outside AS LONG AS YOU MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING OF AT LEAST 2 METRES……

However about 1.5 Million UK citizens will receive letters that are specifically for those with conditions that will place them at even more risk, such as cancer patients receiving treatment, patients with Leukaemia ar other conditions that may cause their immune system to be compromised. These people SHOULD NOT GO OUT AT ALL and contact the services listed in their letter for advice and assistance.

So, if you got the text, just adhere to the Governments instruction, which are updated on a daily basis, or if you have received one of the aforementioned letters, please follow the instructions contained within it.

Don’t forget, Tim Ottevanger and myself are here if you require help or assistance. We will coordinate our many volunteers in the village to give support….and thanks go to them. Please, do not take any unnecessary risks, follow the rules and stay safe….