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2nd Sunday 10:30am - Celtic Morning Prayer
5th Sunday (Benefice Service)

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The Devil's Window

The south wall window: The stained glass window, including the devil, is to the memory of Mabel Paton Goodacre who died in 1941, the wife of Hugh Goodacre of Ullesthorpe Court.

It is based on the opening lines of a Hymn for a Boy Scout written by Hugh Goodacre when he was Boy Scout Commissioner for Leicestershire. It has a special appeal for Youth - Youth at the threshold of life - Youth faced by the eternal polarity, Good or Evil.

The central light depicts the Saviour, a noble, commanding figure, standing at the parting of the ways. In the left light stands St Michael at the entrance to the Narrow Way. In the right light is Satan, his immemorial adversary, standing defiantly before the Broad Way.

The armorial bearings in the lights above are those of the Goodacre family in which may be noticed the fleur-de-lis accorded to Mr Goodacre by the Garter King of Arms to commemorate his association with the Boy Scout Movement.

The window is by G Maile & Son of London.